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These protection barriers are designed to reduce exposure and diffusion of droplets generated by coughing or sneezing. These barriers can be placed in order to increase the number of occupants during the covid-19 pandemic and mitigate the associated risks where the 2 m social distancing measures are not possible. 

These barriers are made of steel and plexiglass, it’s lighweight, flexible, easily installed, easy to clean and can be adapted for use in several businesses and manufacturing facilities. Various applications can include table barriers in restaurants, staff barriers in offices, waiting areas, spa and beauty salons, banks, fitness centres, events line-up barriers and various other retail services. 

Our Covid-19 Protection Barriers are produced with the highest quality materials and stringent quality control standards that can widthstand daily rigurous business activities. Our protection Barriers can also be customized and branded to showcase your brand. 

WIREWORX Displays COVID-19 Protection Barriers
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OPTION 1 - Flat Metal Stand

Approximate Dimensions:

25.5" W x 14" D x 76.5" H

Set of 2 = $190.83

Barriers are only sold in Set of 2


OPTION 2 - Caster Wheel Stand

Approximate Dimensions:

25.5" W x 16" D x 76.5" H

Set of 2 = $212.35


OPTION 3 - Flat Metal Stand

Approximate Dimensions:

33.5" W x 16" D x 79" H

Set of 2 = $235.96

Flat Op 2.jpg
Op 2 Gym.jpg
Op3 Warehouse.jpg
In Offices
In Restaurants
In Fitness Centres
In Warehouses

Your Covid-19 Barrier can be customized and branded to reflect your brand or theme.

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Your Covid-19 Barrier can be

re-purposed to accommodate various media advertising or brand awareness campaigns

after the pandemic is over.


Optional quick


Sanitizer holder available.

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